Canada’s Best MBAs: University of Prince Edward Island Executive MBA

Canada‘s Best MBA Programs 2017

The University of Prince Edward Island Executive MBA

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

UPEI is a recognized pioneer in teaching evidence-based management; students are taught how to leverage research findings to make more informed decisions. Students have the option of pursuing an Innovative Management stream featuring courses devoted to developing and implementing innovations within an organization. Depending on demand, the school may also offer a Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship stream. For the fall of 2016, UPEI is offering students a one-time opportunity to take a special focus in public sector management, with three sector-specific courses: Managing and Creating an Innovative Culture in the Public Sector, Public Policy Management, and Program Development and Evaluation. All streams begin in September.

Classroom experience
New part-time students enrolled, July 2015–July 2016: 54
Work experience required: 3 years
Management experience required: 3 years
Percentage of students who hold VP titles or higher: 25%
Percentage of students who are entrepreneurs or self-employed: 15%
Percentage of international students: 8%
Gender ratio: 41% male, 59% female
Cohort’s average age: 38 years
Program duration & cost
Program length: 20 months
Tuition: $36,090
$51,786 (International students)
Specializations and joint degrees offered:
  • Biotechnology Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Innovative Management
  • Public Sector Management