Canada’s Best MBAs: University of Regina Executive MBA

Canada‘s Best MBA Programs 2017

The University of Regina Executive MBA

Keneth Levene Graduate School of Business

Regina, Saskatchewan

University of Regina MBA Program

Designed for seasoned career professionals, the 16 to 20-month program consists of a four-day weekend workshop, two one-week courses, twelve course modules, and a supervised capstone project. Classes typically involve a mix of guest lecturers, group discussions, and case study analyses ranging from an isolated challenge facing a single manager, to multi-faceted and systemic issues confronting an entire organization. The program maintains a strong focus on international business and the cultural nuances around business management and leadership. The program is capped with a business trip abroad, where students meet and learn from local executives, tour businesses in a number of economic sectors, and participate in a consulting project with classmates and students from international host schools. The program begins with four days of weekend workshops, and during the fall and winter, classes take place one day per week on Friday or Saturday. Each cohort begins in late August.

Classroom experience
New part-time students enrolled, July 2015–July 2016: 17
Work experience required: 5 years
Management experience required: 5 years
Percentage of students who hold VP titles or higher: 5%
Percentage of students who are entrepreneurs or self-employed: 10%
Gender ratio: 67% male, 33% female
Cohort’s average age: 41 years
Program duration & cost
Program length: 16 months
Tuition: $46,860