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How to Keep the Cash Flowing

An entrepreneur's guide to making sure the money coming in to your company always tops the money going out of it

Written by PROFIT Staff

It’s Business 101: The money coming in to your company should exceed the money going out of it. But delinquent clients, bully suppliers, and the sheer tedium of bookkeeping all make cash flow management a chore.

Most small business owners have a good understanding of their company’s finances and keep their own books according to the American Express Small Business Monitor, co-produced by PROFIT and Canadian Business. Despite their financial smarts, cash flow management remains a relatively under-appreciated discipline. Only 11% of respondents revised their money projections weekly or every fortnight. Fully 39% did it less than once a month, while 31% admitted to never updating their estimates.

To help you keep the cash flowing, we asked experts and entrepreneurs for their top money management tips, advice, warning signs and success stories.

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10 Cash-Flow Red Flags to Watch Out For

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5 Simple Ways to Get Paid Faster

Your success hinges not on the money you’re owed but on the money you get. But asking a client to pay up can be awkward at best and relationship-ending at worst.

Here’s how to hasten delivery of your hard-earned cash—without losing your customers in the process

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Money from the PROFIT 500

You don’t get to be one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies without savvy cash flow management. The entrepreneurs behind some of the country’s most impressive businesses share their strategies for juggling accounts payable and accounts receivable, accessing elusive financing and planning for emergencies

Why You Shouldn’t Borrow Heavily Despite Today’s Low Interest Rates

In the current financial climate, it’s tempting to lean on loans and lines of credit. But doing so can leave you without room to maneuver in an emergency.

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How to Take Control of Your Cash

To manage your money more effectively, you need to anticipate when, where and how your cash needs will occur, and to involve your employees in the process.

Try these proven strategies for avoiding cash-flow crises and banking more of the capital you need to grow

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