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New Opportunities for Alberta Tech Startups

A partnership between Innovate Calgary, the Alberta Deal Generator and CNSX will provide tech entrepreneurs and investors with new avenues for innovation and growth

Written by Melissa Campeau

Innovate Calgary and the Alberta Deal Generator (ADG) recently announced an alliance with the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX).

The partnership is designed to help develop capital markets for technology deals and improve the financial environment to encourage technology companies’ growth.

To support Alberta’s technology ecosystem, the three organizations will also host public events and investor development training sessions. ADG will increase its investor network, up the number of pitch forums from four to six events per year and introduce a new angel deal webpage providing angel metrics and deal flow information for accredited technology investors.

“Each party is strategically aligned to improve the financial environment for technology and industrial innovation companies,” says Richard Carleton, CEO of CNSX. “This partnership marks the natural evolution for CNSX,” Carleton says, adding the stock exchange has a focus on technology companies and the capital markets that support them.

“This partnership launches a major initiative to magnify the Alberta technology capital market,” says Peter Garrett, president of Innovate Calgary. “We are pleased to unite with CNSX. We look forward to this next step in focusing on investors as a major client group for us.”

The alliance aims to benefit both startups and their investors. “In partnering with CNSX, we intend to bring on many more angel investors who want to add tech deals to their portfolio and who understand how CNSX can provide another road to liquidity,” says Henry Kutarna, executive director at ADG. “We are now able to offer our investors another path to exit—something our tech entrepreneurs also appreciate.”

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