The 7 Things Every Small Business Needs to Do Right Now

A manual for continued success in the modern world of business

Written by PROFIT Staff

Illustration: Katie Carey

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t just mean running your company today—it also means getting it ready for tomorrow. With markets shifting and technology changing at a high speed, it’s hard to know where to start.

To celebrate Small Business Month, we complied a manual for the modern world of business. From sales and marketing to financing and management, these seven primers are all you need to set your small business on the path to continued success.

To find out how to keep your company relevant and ahead of the competition in the new business reality, click on the explainers below or click “Start” to read through them in order.

1. Embrace Social Media

2. Think Small (Not Big) Data

3. Access Alt-Capital

4. Manage a Millennial

5. Get Creative with Price Tags

6. Land a Whale

7. Survive the New Sales Reality

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