Exchange Insights from TSX and TSXV

TSX and TSXV: Standing among the leaders

TMX Equity Markets Report

With uncertainty and investor caution defining the global economy, public companies have found reassurance in Canada’s stability, its strong equity culture and the expertise of this country’s capital market participants.

It was encouraging to see some positive indicators last year. Globally, capital market activity increased by 1.5% over the previous year, according to Thomson Reuters, and much of that activity occurred in Canada. In 2012, companies listed on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) raised more than $56 billion in equity capital, accounting for 10% of capital raised by the 59 members of the World Federation of Exchanges.

“Domestic and international com- panies see a lot of compelling reasons to raise capital in Canada,” says Ungad Chadda, Senior Vice President, Toronto Stock Exchange. “Canada’s capital markets not only offer stability and a vibrant ecosystem to support public companies, they also accommodate companies in a broad range of sectors and at various stages of development.”

Based on the total number of listings, TSX and TSXV combined rank second in the world, with more than 3,800 listed companies. Last year, companies on TSXV raised an average of $3.2 million perfinancing, while companies on TSX raised an average of $69.9 million. Altogether, TSX and TSXV are positioned third by capital raised among the world’s leading exchanges.

In fact, TSX and TSXV stand firmly among the leading equity exchanges in the world, having also ranked first in the number of new listings for four consecutive years (2009 to 2012) and placed third in the world for new international listings in 2012. Last year, there were more than 370 new listings on TSX and TSXV, of which 31 were based outside of Canada.