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TSX Ignite: Essentials for great Canadian companies

New national program focused on SME growth and development

TSX Ignite: Essentials for great Canadian companies

TSX Ignite’s live event series opens at MaRS Discovery District to a sold-out audience of 300 participants.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a big role in the Canadian economy. According to Industry Canada, SMEs employ about 90% of working Canadians and account for more than 30% of private-sector gross domestic product. Given the importance of SMEs to the Canadian economy, TSX and TSXV have launched a national program to help today’s entrepreneurs grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

TSX Ignite™ is designed to help Canadian companies grow and develop, with a primary focus on SMEs. The program provides companies and entrepreneurs – at all stages of growth and from all sectors – with tools and resources to help them reach their full business potential.

More than 20 Canadian law firms, accounting firms and investment banks collaborated to develop the program. Several industry organizations are also helping to promote TSX Ignite across Canada, including PROFIT, the program’s exclusive media partner.

TSX Ignite consists of two major components:

The website,, is home to the program’s Learning Channel and other resources. Canadian entrepreneurs can participate in online courses and gather expertise in 60-second videos from high-profile Canadian business leaders. Webinar topics include: attracting investors; why governance matters; best practices for financial controls and growth; and acquisitions for growth.

Live events will be held in seven cities across Canada to provide free information relevant to the growth plans of SMEs, including tips on raising capital and factors to consider when growing a company and hiring advisors. Each event includes a local success story to help inspire and coach attendees. The inaugural event was held at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto on April 30 to a sold-out audience of over 300 participants.

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