Four tech-inspired solutions to common problems small business owners face

For businesses to thrive, they need the right technology and tools to help them operate efficiently based on their own unique needs.

Running a small business today can be a real workout. Just ask Toronto-based personal trainer and content creator Jose Lopez, who has been delivering health and fitness services across the GTA for more than 15 years. Constantly on the go, Lopez helps clients reach their physical goals by guiding them through what he calls unique “fitness journeys,” all while providing support and inspiration via content he posts regularly to Instagram.

It’s a busy lifestyle that, as many business owners can attest to, means wearing several hats – from CEO to CMO to handling sales, social media and even tech support. And while you might think that the most important tool in Lopez’s business toolbox is his years of expertise, he would tell you that it’s actually his smartphone. “My phone is my lifeline,” Lopez says. “It’s how I connect with clients, my social platform and my family and friends.”

For businesses to thrive, they need the right technology and tools to help them operate efficiently based on their own unique needs. We spoke with Lopez about some of the common challenges he faces as a small business owner today, and the Samsung technology solutions that have helped.

Payment and Checkout

It’s the most basic principle of all businesses, but it can often be the most difficult to follow through on: you need to get paid. And no matter what your business is—store owner, food truck vendor or fitness instructor—being able to deliver secure and convenient payment options to your customers is essential. With the widespread adoption of point of sale (POS) technology, consumer expectations for low-friction, cashless “tap-and-go” transactions are high and can often mean the difference between customers staying in line to pay or abandoning their purchases at checkout.

“This is why Samsung POS is such a help when it comes to running my business,” says Lopez, who has been using the system on his Galaxy Note10+ device for months. “After leading a training session, I don’t want to my clients spending time setting up an EMT, or writing a cheque. I love that I can just pull out my phone, have my clients tap their card of choice, and the transaction is complete.”

Now available in Canada, the Samsung POS system uses safe, secure NFC technology to accept payments via any NFC-enabled Galaxy device, without having to invest in any additional hardware. It also allows for easy transaction tracking and organization, Lopez says. “If I ever need to look up receipts or records, I can also scroll through my app for a transaction synopsis,” he explains.

Business On-the-Go

Like many business owners, Lopez’s office is wherever he happens to be. With clients all over Toronto, he often finds himself hunkering down in coffee shops or coworking spaces. The downside is that if he ever needs the full-sized monitor of his laptop or desktop while on the road, he’s out of luck. But now, with Samsung DeX, all he needs is his phone and an HDMI cable for a near-desktop experience. “Essentially, using Samsung DeX with a full-size monitor, keyboard and mouse gives you a desktop experience off your smartphone,” Lopez says.

Access to software like MS Office Suite also means you can pick up where you left off at home, without lugging your laptop with you. But if you must, DeX mode software for Windows and Mac lets you connect via USB for seamless transferring of documents, projects and other files between devices.


Whether you’re talking about payment processing, customer data or the threats of malware and intrusion, it goes without saying that security is a priority for any small business. Luckily, Samsung builds defence-grade security into its devices, meaning its smartphones, tablets and wearables are all fully protected. “I have immense peace-of-mind knowing that my information is protected by Knox,” Lopez says. “It’s found on all of the Galaxy devices, including my Galaxy Note10+, meaning that everything from my emails, texts, and POS transactions are protected at the highest level.”

When Things Go Wrong

We’ve all experienced the panic of merely forgetting our smartphones at home. Now, imagine accidentally sending your beloved device down a flight of stairs or, in Lopez’s line of work, dropping a dumbbell on it. Whatever the scenario, time is money and getting back up and running ASAP is paramount. Samsung Care+ plan has SMEs in mind, offering a range of options including coverage from accidental damage and affordable protection extensions that continue after the standard device warranty ends. Samsung also offers the ability to make a service request 24-7 (even on holidays) over the phone. “SCare+ is one of my favourite services from Samsung. It means that I can go into any of Samsung Canada’s authorized partners for same-day, walk-in servicing,” Lopez says. “Across Canada there are over 100 locations offering this service, meaning no matter where I am, I can have full peace-of-mind knowing if an accident arises, help is nearby.”