Securing Partnership

See the way your client sees

GO LOGISTICS is a final mile delivery partner stress-tested in Canada’s busiest market, the GTA, handling well over 25 million packages per year. Their seamless process extends from inventory sortation to delivery (warehouses, distribution centres and retail locations) in the consumer e-commerce space. It’s fast, reliable, and a highly visible system with advanced tracking technology.

Under CEO Anthony Whyte’s stabilizing leadership and strategic guidance since its inception, GO Logistics has redefined the final mile home delivery segment. With over a decade spent in the Card Products division at CIBC, Whyte created, optimized and executed a secure final mile transfer of millions of VISA/debit cards annually. Whyte also played an instrumental role in launching the CIBC Aerogold flagship product. The secure processes for centralization and outsourcing that he developed helped VISA introduce the emergency card replacement program.

However, it was Whyte’s exposure to the courier side of banking that got him interested in providing those services himself. Subsequently, he started GO Logistics in 2005 with just 15 employees. During the last five years, aggressive growth has pushed that number to over 1,000. “I wanted to bring a different flavour to the courier industry, more of a corporate structure,” recalls Whyte. “Coming from the financial sector, it was important to put excellent operational processes in place, backed with advanced technology and a dense network of vendors.”

Security has always been given utmost priority. Whyte’s expertise in moving large volumes of sensitive documents across Canada for banks ensured the secure custody of a delivery from one driver or sortation centre to the next. Now he’s pioneering a similar level of service as an offering to the consumer e-commerce sector.

“You manage the relationship, you’re on their calls every day, you adopt their procedures and translate them into how you operate in a way that looks and feels the same,” says Whyte. “When you see what they see, you can tailor your business to their requirements. It’s a partnership.” Whyte prefers to grow his business by deepening his relationship with existing clients. “Some may think organic growth is risky, but it’s a subset of logistics I strongly believe in. My strategy is not to water down the quality of service, but better understand the clients we’re allied with and strive to provide superior service for them. Similar to the agile methodology for software development, we are flexible and adaptive, able to shift gears quickly.”

A high-volume addition to its client roster five years ago catapulted GO Logistics to a different level altogether. They’re now working closely with a world leader in e-commerce, giving them an exclusive insider point of view into final mile sortation, home delivery process and the confidence to execute for other large e-commerce outfits. As a result, GO Logistics has made significant investments into expanding its sortation centre capability, putting infrastructure in place to tackle the increase in demand. “As more retailers realize their future is in e-commerce, they won’t want to be figuring it out from ground zero,” says Whyte. “They’ll seek somebody who’s had the experience, so that they can replicate the next-day or sameday delivery standard that’s been set.”

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