Unforgettable journeys from S-Trip!

Student trips and the review of a high school tradition

Canada’s Best Managed Companies

Part of the I Love Travel group of travel companies, S-Trip! provides unforgettable journeys for graduating high school students. Our staff work tirelessly to achieve the perfect mix of conscientious supervision and absolute fun in an inclusive, positive environment for first time travellers. Every trip provides an opportunity to experience local culture, go on thrill-seeking adventures, learn a new language, and volunteer abroad. Facilitating fun and safe getaways that enrich students with global understanding, cultural enrichment and personal development.

With extensive experience, S-Trip! has traveled over 125,000 students since 1976 and changed the face of student travel. Started by two school teachers, the S -Trip! Experience has changed over the decades. A shift from the norm, the S-Trip! package includes more than just flight and hotel. On-site staff, daily activities, excursions, and themed night events are just a few of the inclusions on each trip.

Volunteering in the local community is also an S-Trip! staple. The first volunteer project in 2010 was orchestrated by students who really wanted to give back to the community. This one idea changed the programs forever and following an S-Trip! review, Volunteer Abroad is now part of every trip.

Volunteer Abroad

Since 2014 S-Trip! Travelers have completed the following:

  •  14,239 travelers volunteered
  •  42,717 hours donated to volunteer
  •  33 school renovations
  •  12 houses built
  •  14 house renovations
  •  5 community centre renovations
  •  67 beach clean-ups
  •  500+ trees planted

This fundamental change in strategy, offering travelers a complete Grad Trip experience that extends beyond a traditional travel package, has been a leading factor in S-Trip! being named one of Canada’s fastest growing companies

City Tour

The S-Trip! company mantra is really what brings together both staff and traveler. Employees embody these values not only through the work they do, but by incorporating them into their daily lives, and thus extending that belief system to travelers and parents. The mantra of ownership, passion, care, integrity, hustle, positivity, and mentorship drive the company philosophy. Staff are specifically trained in each core value and are encouraged to share their knowledge with travelers on the trip.


S-Trip! has been a recipient of a number of other awards; including, being named one of Canada’s Best Managed companies since 2011, becoming a Gold Standard member in 2016, and World’s Best Youth Tour Operator in 2016 presented by WYSTC.

Looking ahead to the future, S-Trip! still identifies challenges involved in the industry and areas in which they can improve. An internal committee has developed a campaign called ‘Committed to Youth’. We have real conversations about student and youth dreams, their frustrations, and their problems. It’s clear to us; we can make a difference. The initiative surrounds three main goals which are creating awareness, partnering with experts, and creating lasting impact. S-Trip! reviews key issues surrounding youth every year, and the list of Committed to Youth action plans are around mental health, alcohol & drugs, sexual violence, balcony accidents, inclusivity, and environmental impact. All of these issues are not only related to S-Trip! travelers, but are topics that should generally be talked about and better understood.

S-Trip! Staff

Identifying and talking about youth issues, along with creating safer experiences for students on their graduation trip is just one way S-Trip! is looking to expand even further into the student travel market. Although achieving the percentage growth the company saw between 2010 and 2014 will be tough to replicate, the leadership team at S-Trip! is very optimistic that their passionate, energetic team of trip planners will be able to grow the company across Canada and the United States.

For more information about the S-Trip! and the #TripofaLifetime visit s-trip.com