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Canadian Business magazine: March 2014

A look at the stories featured in the March 2014 issue of Canadian Business



Editor’s Letter: Why are some companies paying almost no tax?

Saving Lulu: Lululemon is rapidly wearing out its welcome among consumers. Can the new CEO mend Canada’s unravelling yogawear giant?

The enemy unseenMontreal’s GardaWorld has become one of the largest private security companies on the planet by protecting Western workers in dangerous foreign lands. But in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, sometimes it’s hard to tell who the real enemy is

Sobeys without Sobey: After 15 years leading his family empire, Paul Sobey has finally retired. But not before taking one last gamble: Can Sobeys change leaders and conquer Western Canada at the same time?

How to pay no taxes: The government says everyone has to pay their fair share, but a CB investigation reveals that many large Canadian companies pay almost no tax. What’s going on?

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High noon for Canadian carmakingIf Unifor unionizes Toyota, Canada’s auto industry will suffer

Why Mexico wants our bread: Grupo Bimbo’s takeover of Canada Bread is a sign of things to come

A simple fix for Canada’s skills gap: Instead of complaining, these tech firms offer free coding lessons

Chevron’s Achilles Heel: Could a case in Ecuador affect LNG plans?

The Ode: Heenan Blaikie: The politically connected law firm foundered when its leader left without a successor

Hot Topic: Most Canadians say a devalued loonie is good for business

Global Report

India’s Big Oil breaks free: The first woman to lead an Indian state-owned enterprise looks to deregulation

Ethiopian Potash heats up: Canada’s Allana Potash opens a new mine with a hidden edge


The Procrastinator’s Guide to RRSP Season: Where to put your money, and still meet that March 3 contribution deadline


Bruce Philp: One burrito, hold the lecture

James Cowan: The silence of CEOs

Richard Branson: Business with benefits

Winners & Losers

There’s a story about Rob Ford this month. There’s a story about snorting things. Amazingly, they’re different stories

The Informer

Black is the new nothing: Why wearing all black works better for women

The flat duck’s encore: Chefs are reviving the 150-year-old French practice of pressing Ducks in vises

The no-big-thing guide to running: Running is not complicated. Deborah Aarts lays out the five things you need to turn your commute into the easiest, most efficient workout ever (once the snow is gone)

Lions in captivity: The life of a Wall Street intern is all work and very little play. And that’s not good for anyone

Ask McArdle: Toilet naps, coke flutes and stinky gym towels, oh my!

Trailing Indicator

Innovation prizes
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