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Canadian Business magazine: November 11, 2013

A look at the stories featured in the November 11, 2013 issue of Canadian Business.



Editor’s Letter Pass the Camembert, it’s time to celebrate

Rick, risk & reward Scotiabank CEO Rick Waugh led the bank through an unprecedented period of growth and success. On the eve of his retirement, he explains how he pulled it off.

Women with money More and more assets are controlled by women every year – so why are wealth managers still talking to their husbands?

Spies like us The threat of corporate espionage is real, and it’s costing Canada billions. How can we protect our national interests without putting a chill of crucial foreign investment?


MBA Guide 2013

What’s the best MBA to help you get ahead? Our 22nd annual MBA Guide has everything you need to make the call: a complete listing of every MBA and executive MBA program in Canada, trends to watch for, and advice from grads who have been there.



After the default scare How the U.S. can move past its budgetary dysfunction

A franchise with bigger ambitions Michael Lublin and Mike Harris plan massive restaurant rollout in Ontario

Why tourists don’t like Canada Our travel deficit keeps growing, but we can stop the slide

Pot growers go private An unwitting step toward legalization

The Ode: the plasma television (1997-2014) Technically superior to LCD, plasma will now suffer the same fate as the Betamax

Who speaks for Vancouver’s economy? Edmonton and Calgary put the city’s economic development efforts to shame

Reboot‘s desperate reboot Vancouver studio attempts a comeback with a familiar series

Hot Topic Spying on Brazil is OK, almost half of Canadians say


Global Report

Luxury hotels invade Africa The sub-Saharan is suddenly the hottest market on the planet for five-star hospitality

No ketchup, please, we’re Thai Thailand’s seal of food authenticity is a sly way to boost trade

The Map A record year for sovereign wealth funds



Is the supercycle over? Why you can’t expect a rebound in energy and materials stocks in the near term



Bruce Philp Raptors with nothing to lose

James Cowan A conservative war on business

Richard Branson Shoot for the stars… literally

Winners & Losers

Good news for the post office, Royal Canadian Mint and bounty hunters. Wait, is this the 19th century? Hardly!

The Feud: Dick Costolo vs Vivek Wadhwa


The Informer

The Easy Sell: the down vest

A trip back in time Gstaad is the resort every other ski resort wants to be. And now it has its first new hotel in 100 years.

Seat yourself Canadians sit for about 96% on the workday (much to our chiropractors’ chagrin). The least we can do is slide into one of these stylish task chairs, specially designed to combat the effects of a sedentary day.

The social media Kool-Aid test A new novel by Dave Eggers looks at the dark side of the tech industry, and finds it’s dark indeed

Pop Index TV hosts, open letters, and Nobel Prize-onomics

The Lunchbox Challenge: Pidgin Vancouver’s Makoto Ono

Ask McArdle How to find the ‘deep web’, buy a Banksy and eat expired yogurt


Trailing Indicator

The cash-out kings It’s not just executives who become instant millionaires during IPOs and acquisitions. Here are others who have cashed out big in the past.


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