New Google Glass video is exciting—unlike Apple as of late

The Internet is absolutely abuzz.

Google released a new video this morning of its upcoming Google Glass headset in action. The video shows off the device’s camera, search and map functions, as well as a language translator, meaning, yes, we may finally have a real-life Babel fish of sorts.

A similar video was released last year when Google Glass was announced, but that one was more conceptual. The new video gives would-be buyers and developers a much better idea of how the device will actually work.

It’s fun to imagine how this technology would eventually be used (real-world video games, anyone?), and it’s also a reminder that Apple hasn’t announced hardware this revolutionary or exciting since the iPad—or possibly even the iPhone.

In fact, Google shares surged past $800 yesterday for the first time ever thanks to its continued success in search and mobile; Apple’s stock, meanwhile, has been plummeting.

Glass may seem silly to some—and no doubt a few investors will be wary—but the Internet, and particularly Twitter, is nonetheless absolutely abuzz about the new video. That in itself is good for the company. Tech titans like Google should strive to be exciting, sort of like Apple used to be. Excited customers are more often loyal customers.

The company hopes to sell Glass in 2014 and developer versions of the headset are already being peddled for $1,500. Google also released a few new pics of the device, along with this spiffy logo:

glass_logo Google_Glass

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