Sony PlayStation 4 could make 3D graphic design really easy

Make your own toys—no skill required!

It’s late and I haven’t fully digested the PlayStation 4 launch yet, but one of the things that did tickle my interest was a demo by LittleBigPlanet maker Media Molecule. The developers reached deep into their bag of tricks and dug out the PlayStation Move—come on, you remember it: it’s that wand-shaped motion controller thingy that Sony whipped up a while back to compete with the Nintendo Wii.

Anyhow, they brought out the Move to show off the PS4′s advanced rendering capabilities. With more horsepower under the hood, the new console—which will hit stores in time for holiday 2013—will be able to do things with the motion controller that the existing PS3 can’t. Check out the video above and pay particular attention starting about halfway through.

The ability to create three-dimensional sculptures with the Move struck me as particularly amazing, given that it could theoretically be combined with 3D printing. In other words, it looks like it would be remarkably easy to create objects—say toys, simple items or even works of art—in thin air with the motion controller,  and then beam them over to a printer to be whipped up. No need to learn a complicated computer-assisted design program.

How cool would that be?