What we know so far about Google Glass

It's like Minority Report, on your face.


(Photo: Google)

Google recently unveiled more detail about its much-buzzed-about wearable computer, releasing a teaser video showing people doing everyday things with the futuristic tech specs—playing with the kids, skiing, driving, carving a giant tiger’s head from a block of ice. You know, everyday stuff. Using a unique heads-up display (HUD), Glass allows you to walk around with a wee little computer screen in your frame of vision. With the voice-activated computer, you can Google interesting facts, take pictures, shoot video, access Google maps, make calls and send messages, just by saying a few words. It’s like Minority Report right on your face. The current version costs about $1,500, and you should be able to order your own pair sometime in 2014. Until then, we can expect more teasers out of Mountain View.

The specs so far
Glass will run on an Android-powered Linux system and will be Wi-Fi– and Bluetooth-enabled over both 3G and 4G connections. Forget earphones—audio is reportedly through indirect bone-conduction speakers, which use vibrations to send sound to your inner ear via your skull.

The Glasshionista
The New York Times reports that Google is in talks to partner with hip (and hyped) eyewear brand Warby Parker to broaden the appeal of Glass for fashion tastes that are more hipster than Trekkie.

The contest
Google asked non-developer types to post ideas in 50 words or less on Google+ and Twitter on how they would use the glasses, for the privilege of pre-ordering the developer version of the Glass, dubbed the Explorer Edition. Still have to pay that $1,500 though.